Management will be performed by Beach Management who will act as the property manager. They will be responsible for insuring that every ocean villa is expertly cleaned and maintained for each and every owner. The Beach House’s organizational and operating structure will be similar to a homeowner’s or condominium association. An annual budget will be prepared based on anticipated operating and maintenance costs, as well as a set aside amount of reserves for repair and replacement of the property’s furnishings and equipment. Each owner/member will pay dues on a quarterly basis to meet the budget, which will be subject to review and approval by a board of directors elected by the owners.
A management coordinator will collect the dues, look after expenses, maintain accounts, and provide all day-to-day operating oversight. Should an item require repair or replacement, the manager will be able to access reserve funds to complete the work without an owner vote, guaranteeing that consistently high standards are maintained for years to come. Should an unforeseen issue arise that has more significant or long-term ramifications, the matter will be submitted to the board of directors or, as necessary, to the owners for a vote.