Almost every business here will accept both U.S. Dollars and Costa Rican Colones, the Costa Rican currency. The exchange rate changes regularly, but it hovers around 500 Colones to $1.00.

Banks – There are two banks in Nosara. Banco Popular, which has an ATM, is located on the main street in Guiones, next to the Surfing Nosara Real Estate Office. Note that this bank’s ATM accepts only cards with a VISA symbol, and will not work with a MasterCard. If your ATM or credit card is a MasterCard, you’ll have to use Banco Costa Rica, which is located next to the Servicentro Nosara gas station on the way into Nosara Centro.

Credit Cards – Most hotels will accept credit cards, but a few restaurants do not, or charge an additional fee for doing so. The Mini Supers in Guiones and the Super Nosara accept credit cards for grocery purchases.

Travelers Checks – Local businesses will not accept traveler’s checks. They can only be exchanged at the bank.